Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Introduction : FASHIONERD

Welcome blogger for the new edition of The Pearls. For this season, i will share my idea extremely. But i hope you still enjoy it. Did you know that i'm inspired someone when i made this blog? I'm inspired Camille Co and Vini Uehara. Yeah, they are my inspiration at all. They give me a lot of fashion influence. 

Why must FASHIONERD for the title?

Actually, i just wanna make new innovation when fashion meets a face expression seems like 'freak' and 'nerd'. Yeah, in this edition you will find some freaky fashion and photograph. And i hope, it will make an inspiration for you a young fashion blogger. 

I don’t have a specific style. I just wear what I want at the moment. If my mood is OK my look is OK too. I like to mix colors and prints. I don’t care that much about trends. When I get to wearing something, it’s very natural, actually.

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