Jumat, 13 April 2012

Hello Stranger !

Saturday ! Yeah, nowadays is saturday. And this is the time which's the young waiting for. Enjoy the saturday night. Well, althought i will passed out that golden age, i'm still enjoying saturday as well. Not really bad but i spent my time with having fun and going crazy with my girls. I admitted, that i'm gonna miss every moment i have got when i was young. But *yawn* life must goes on .. and show must living it up !
So, for make an amazing saturday nite (different from another saturday), i'll give you latest reference for wearing any outfit if u will spent your nite with your boy. I'll pick the theme PASTELS. Why? Cause i really love pastels more more and more. It can make you feels cheers up and more energize pass the day. Let check them out ladies :)

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