Jumat, 27 April 2012

The Sisterhood

Sounds nice i can meet you again fellas. And i'm happy to know that today is Saturday. Yeah! Although I don't have any plan to spend my spare time with my beloved, but I'm still enjoy it with my sister. I have a sister, you call her Rani (her full name is Maharani). She's 20 years old. And now she's working in a private hospital in Tangerang. She's a pharmacist. If you wanna know about her, just click here girls!
Yesterday, I've been doing a photoshoot with her. Just wasting our time actually. But, I'm kindly to share it with you girls. Do you know what? She' bought my Tory Burch at her photoshoot ! Hahaha. Its seems like I have a twin with her. But actually, it is not. Enjoy !

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